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<welcome to our site cool-air4u.com 0794 107 31 36.

Offering fast and efficient Mobile Diagnostic / Repairs and Re-Gas Service.

Cool-Air can save you time and effort coming directly to your home or place of work offering maximum convenience. Aiming to deliver a first class and reliable service where safety is paramount at all times. All of our technicians are CRB (CRIMINAL RECORDS BUREAU) checked and trained to CITB and City & Guilds 6048 & 5101standards.GDPR Registered

Fully equipped to deal with R1234yf gases More Info
From 1st January 2017 a total ban of the use of Fgases with a GWP higher than 150.
More Info
UK Gov Ban on FGas.More Info
This is to comply with the new environmental regulation (the M.A.C directive) to helping reduce climate impact of air conditioning in cars. More Info.

<mobile car air conditioning><air con>

Decommissioning of a system required for Importing a vehicle to a foreign country (Australia) requires de-gassing and disabling the system together with a certificate of work completed.

Have a Sniff !! Smell the air in your vehicle, Does it smell musky or of vinegar? The evaporator offers an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms. Regular disinfection helps against unpleasant odours. Why not get the bacteria removed (using the latest technology in Utrasonic Cleaning.

Compatible systems on Boats including their Cool Boxes.

No need for you to leave your vehicle all day or sit in long queues. Then told "It doesn't work, There's nothing we can do for you". Work is completed on site. Offering a proper service that is more than just pressing a single button.

What you can expect from a service

  • Systems analysis Refrigerant / Moisture evacuation
  • O.F.N pressure test
  • Refrigerant and oil replacement
  • Visual check on hoses, pipes, filter, condenser and drive belt tension
  • Systems operational and electronic vent temperature check

  • A service should not take anymore than an hour - Depending on vehicle, age & situ

Cars pre reg K or L (1993)

Pre 1993 vehicles used the BANNED R12 ozone depleting refrigerant. It can be very costly to convert (RETROFIT) to R134A REFRIGERANT. We now have in stock the DROP-IN gas for your older R12 sysytems


  • Broken or corroded metal pipes - Email a photo and we can discuss the repair needed
  • Fractured joints - Repair on site
  • Split flexible pipes - Repair on site
  • Compressor drive belt replacement
  • Cabin FILTER REPLACEMENT - Recommended changing every 2 years
  • Receiver driers - Recommended changing every 2 years
  • System flushing - Recommended after a mechanical failure
  • Condenser fans
  • Bacteria/Odour removal - Recommended cleaning yearly
  • Fault Code Clearance

CASH, BANK TRANSFER , PAYPAL (small charge applies)

Payment by Paypal must be completed and accepted while the technician is still on site after job has been completed.

<phone number>: 0794 107 31 36

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